Money Advice Newcastle East (MANE)


Money Advice Newcastle East (MANE) is a debt advice service for those in our area in financial crisis. Our service is offered free of charge and is registered with the FCA and operates in accordance with their rules and guidelines. Our trained volunteers can help with budgeting advice, prepare a financial statement, help develop debt management plans or explore other solutions for managing debt. We work in conjunction with Community Money Advice, a national Christian charity which offers support and guidance for our debt advisors. If anyone would like to have a confidential chat with one of our advisors, please be in touch.

Because of the current crisis caused by coronavirus our Centre is shut, so there are no regular appointments or phone service. However, we will be checking our email regularly so do feel free to email us at with a basic enquiry and some one will be in touch. We will resume our regular service as soon as we are able.