MINE Youth relies on an amazing team of volunteers, but there are a few people who have
particular roles to support that team. They are:


Dave Johnson: Project Coordinator

Dave has been coordinating the youth and children’s work in MINE since 2014. He loves board games, flip flops, Jesus and Jen.


Jen Johnson: Team Discipleship Coordinator

Jen moved to Byker in 2014 and has the privilege of spending time helping the team bond and reflect on the amazing work they’re doing across Byker and Walker!


Alicia Barwick: School and Community Development Worker

Alicia is passionate about young people and creativity. She is our schools and community development worker. She coordinates our work in Byker and Walker’s schools and loves meeting young people and exploring life and faith, and facilitating conversations around important issues.


Alisha Mitchison: Sports Development Worker

Alisha completed the MINE Youth Trainee Scheme in 2018 and has recently graduated from studying theology and youth work at Cliff College. She loves her job and the young people she gets to work with, and is excited about using sports to let children and young people grow mentally, physically and spiritually.


Milena James: Trainee

Milena has been involved in youth work in Morpeth for a few years now, and is excited to spend the year exploring her passion and wider calling in Byker and Walker this coming year.