MINE is a charity and is dependent on grant funding and gifts from supporters. The Diocese of Newcastle employs our project coordinator for youth and children’s work, which is not only lifts a significant financial burden, but also gives us the security to commit to a long-term approach to our work.

Grant Funding

All our staff (except for the project coordinator) have been funded by grant funding. In addition, larger projects that we undertake (the DJ school, our summer holiday activities, various trips, etc) are grant funded. Our trainees are usually funded by a combination of supporters and grant funding. We also occasionally receive grants that pay for equipment, or ongoing running costs.


Financial gifts from supporters are hugely valuable! Regular donations cover our regular running costs, like resources for a club, equipment for an event, or all the overhead costs that allow us to focus on our work with children and young people. One-off donations let us try different things, go on trips, or all sorts of other creative opportunities.

If you would like to give, either as a one-off or regularly, you can find out more about giving to MINE Youth here, or you can give directly here.


Through the years we have been able to work alongside some fantastic funders who have supported our work financially, encouraged and valued us in our work, and often offered their expertise to help us deliver and evaluate our work better. Here are just some of the organisations that have funded our work over the years.